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File Upload

Vendor   CPU#   PWD


Compression Files

Unzip DLL (save to c:\windows\system32)

ZIP DLL (save to c:\windows\system32)

Register DLL (choose Open or Run)


mscomctl.ocx (save to c:\windows\system32) (Windows 8 - save to c:\vrl_??? folder, regsvr32 c:\vrl_???\mscomctl.ocx)

bblistview.ocx (save to %systemroot%\system32 or %systemroot%\syswow64) (start -> run -> cmd.exe (run as admin), regsvr32 %systemroot%\system32\bblistview.ocx or regsvr32 %systemroot%\syswow64\bblistview.ocx) requires mfc70.dll and msvcr70.dll in the same folder

VFP9 SP2 Support Files (save and run as administrator)

msvcr70.dll (Windows 7/8 - save to %systemroot%\system32 or %systemroot%\syswow64)

mfc70.dll (Windows 7/8 - save to %systemroot%\system32 or %systemroot%\syswow64)


xmsg71.fll is invalid -

msvcp71.dll (Windows 7/8 - save to c:\vrl_??? folder)

msvcr71.dll (Windows 7/8 - save to c:\vrl_??? folder)



Get Remote Assistance Client ID


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